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The Power of Three

The Power of Three

A large number of problems are caused because we fail to give them the proper attention they deserve.   Many managers become attuned to concerns amongst their team – that first dip in performance, the inappropriate behaviour or the out of place comment.  However, because we are all busy, we don’t want to rock the boat or we don’t know how to address the matter, it is easy to ignore it.

Concerns can be solved relatively easily if attention is paid to them early on. However, if they are ignored, a pattern can be repeated and become an issue. More serious than a concern, but not yet a problem, issues can still be resolved if some effort is made.  However, it is typically only when something becomes a problem will we pay serious attention.  Solving problems takes effort, time and resources.  Quite often, the matter goes beyond an informal resolution with HR or senior management becoming involved.

When concerns raise their head, we should pay attention thereby preventing many of them from becoming problems.