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The organisation is a pharmaceutical company who has operated as a single product site for over three decades. Recognising the implications on the viability of the site resulting from declining sales and the impact of the product coming off patent, the site management moved to introduce new products to the site.


Working with the site management and key stakeholders, we designed a series of interventions to understand, and communicate to the site, the changing dynamic. By developing a shared view of what success would look like for the organisation, we built a high degree of engagement and shared understanding of what was required for the new organisation.

Working with key groups, we identified:
  • What success would look like?
  • What were the key roadblocks to success?
  • What capabilities did the organisation need?
  • What would the new organisation look like?

We helped the key stakeholders design a transition plan that would lead them to the new organisation and worked with the senior management team on implementing this plan.


Engaging the key stakeholders gave them a stake in the outcomes of the change programme. It was no longer something that was imposed but now had a shared ownership. The results for the company was a flexible organisation with a culture that allowed them to introduce multiple products without increasing headcount.

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