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The client is a small business owner facing into a changing business dynamic. Recognising that his own approach needed to change in order for the business to survive, he engaged in ongoing executive coaching.


Using an emotional development tool, EQi 2.0, as the basis for the Coaching, we worked with the Coachee to identify the key areas that were holding him back, both in relation to his business development and managing his people.

We mapped out these critical areas back to his business, creating a plan that allowed the Coachee directly link the coaching to his business needs. Working over a number of engagements, we tracked performance against these areas ensuring achievement of identifiable change.


By identifying the points of most personal resistance, the Coachee was able to focus on, and improve, those areas that were holding him back from changing his business dynamic. He was able to bring this new focus to adapting his business and has survived, and subsequently thrived in, the recent economic downturn.

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