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The organisation is in the financial services field. After a number of years of retrenchment, the company was facing into a period of rapid growth. The Senior Management Team recognised that delivery of this growth would be required a different set of behaviours that had allowed them to survive. As part of our engagement, we agreed that building in a culture of performance conversations was critical to brining about these behaviour changes.


Working with the Senior Management, we identified the key outcomes that the business was seeking; consistency, clarity and clear communications. We conducted a number of focus groups with line managers and staff and identified that the existing system provided none of these outcomes. We simplified the process, created clear ratings that are linked to the business needs and built in series of milestones during the year where managers and staff meet to ensure expectations were aligned. To support the managers, Organisation Dynamics continue to meet on a 6-week basis to provide ongoing coaching and development.


The outcome was a Performance Culture that supports the business needs. With regular conversations between managers and staff, the system is now a supporting mechanism rather than a blockage to real conversations. This has supported the new period of growth leading to an engaged and motivated workforce.

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