Organisation Dynamics

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Best Practice Note

One challenge that coaches often face is that the coachee wants a solution and, quite often, wants it now.  This can be based on a misunderstanding of the nature of coaching and mixing it up with mentoring – an experienced person sharing wisdom – or a consultant – an experienced person brought into to provide a solution. Coaching is about allowing the coachee to find their own solution.  Getting these distinctions across at the beginning of a coaching assignment is crucial.

A great summary in Excellence in Coaching edited by Jonathon Passmore outlines the different roles:

  1. A therapist will explore what is stopping you driving the car
  2. A counsellor will listen to your anxieties about the car
  3. A mentor will share tips from their own experience of driving cars
  4. A consultant will advise you on how to drive the car
  5. A coach will encourage and support you in driving the car
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