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The true voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust
Executive coaching is a powerful tool for supporting personal development – on an individual, team or organisational basis. The aim of coaching is to assist coachees, whether on their own or in a group, to improve their personal skills and knowledge, to become more effective within their roles and deliver bottom-line benefit to their organisations.

Benefits Of Coaching

Apart from providing a neutral, objective opportunity to focus on the issues that coachee's face, there are many benefits to coaching including the fact that:

  1. It is self-directed development;
  2. It allows the coachee to remain in charge of their development;
  3. It provides feedback on key strengths and development areas; and
  4. It is solution based and not problem focused.

Our Coaching Model

Organisation Dynamics provides an expert coaching support service. We work according to the Henley Business School Coaching Model – one of the most respected colleges in the coaching arena.

The key conditions within our coaching approach include:

  1. You are Always in Charge
  2. We are here to Coach not Judge
  3. We Listen; You Talk
  4. The only Solution is the One that You come up with
  5. The content is Confidential

When is coaching not advisable?

Coaching is not suitable is all situations and is most likely to fail where:

  1. There is neither a clear purpose nor objectives to the coaching
  2. It is imposed on the coachee
  3. Coaching is being used inappropriately to solve a performance issue
  4. The coachee’s manager is not engaged or involved in the process
The services that a coach provide are different to that of a counsellor or mentor. To understand the different roles, see our best practice note.
For further information on Coaching, please contact us directly through our contact page.
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